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The great consumer payments race

When Blockbuster failed to follow consumer demand, the ultimate demise of one of the most famous video rental brands made its way to case studies in business classes globally. The main lesson: those who refuse to adapt will die.

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High-value consumers’ payment preferences unpacked

It would be an understatement to say that the pandemic has changed the priorities of the modern luxury consumer. Their mindset and behaviours have transformed. There has been a global culture shift, from working patterns to attitudes towards the way we want to spend free time. In the retail sector, change is everywhere: the way in which consumers are shopping online; what they are purchasing; the methods they are choosing to pay with; and even the expectations they have of their favourite brands.

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The Rise of Refunds

From outfits that don’t fit, to serial returners, refunds are rising and consumers are demanding more from the retailers they love. Current refund processes are slow, time consuming and leave valuable customers feeling frustrated. For retailers, processing card or manual bank transfer refunds is a costly and long process. This webinar explores how merchants can use refunds to solve these issues and boost customer sentiment.

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The complete buyers guide to Open Banking payments

Open Banking has been called the financial revolution of the decade. This guide explains everything that you need to know when considering an account-to-account payments solution.

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Retail Payments and Changing Consumer Demands

In February 2022, we were joined by John Lunn (CEO and Founder of Gr4vy) and Dave Wiltshire (CEO and Founder of Patchworks) to discuss the results of our consumer research and how to improve payment experiences at our Retail Payments and Changing Consumer Demands webinar.

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Report retail
Retail payments reinvented: How consumer demand is changing

The pace of change in the retail industry has been blistering. It’s for this reason that we conducted research to better understand today’s online shopper and their payments preferences following the pandemic. From pain-points to their ideal checkout experience, our research paints a comprehensive picture of the modern consumers payment demands.

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The Future Of Payments Hero Final
The Future of Payments Report

The payments industry has undergone rapid innovation as spending has shifted online. This has facilitated new systems with customer convenience at their heart but also led to a rise in fraud and scams that the industry is trying to address.

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