ReportThe great consumer payments race

Acquire more customers with a seamless payment experience

Account-to-account payments made for the travel industry

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Cost effective

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

  • Save up to 80% on processing fees
  • Say goodbye to chargebacks
  • Embedded Strong Customer Authentication
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Increase cash flow

Funds settle in your account in seconds

  • Instant settlement, no rolling reserves
  • Real-time payment status
  • Reporting API
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Seamless payment journey

Drive business growth with a better customer experience

  • Acquire customers with flexible payments
  • Simple checkout method
  • Convert abandoned carts
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Key findings for Travel

Travel customers want flexibility and ease

1/3 choose Vyne

1 in 3 customers chose to pay with Open Banking powered monthly instalments

76% want speed

76% of customers expect to check out in a few steps.

31% want fast refunds

31% of customers found requesting a refund long and frustrating.

We understand the intricacies of your industry

Full stack payment solution for the travel industry

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Ticketing
  • Events
  • Online Travel Agent

Combat fraud and streamline cash flow

With SCA embedded payment journeys, be confident your customers are who they say they are and access funds instantly.

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Improve cash flow with instant settlement

Say goodbye to processing transactions and hello to instant settlement.

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Increase customer sentiment with flexible instalments

Provide customers with a one off or monthly instalment payment option, for more flexibility when paying for their tickets.

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Empower more customers with flexible instalments

Provide customers with a flexible one off or monthly instalment payment option, to acquire and convert more customers.

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Avoid high-cost transaction fees

Bypass high-cost intermediaries and save up to 80% of transaction fees, while increasing cash flow with instant settlement.

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Start taking fast, secure, fair and seamless payments.