Pay with Vyne

Make payments, without your card

We work with businesses to offer you a faster, easier, safer way to pay at checkout, straight from your banking app or online banking.

Each and every payment you make with Vyne:

  • Is confirmed by you - no one else.
  • Is completed through your own banking app, with no card details needed.
  • Is private. None of your payment details are shared with any business. Ever.
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Pay in as little as three clicks, with no card details needed.

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Powered by technology built by your bank, each and every payment you make through Vyne is highly secure. Reducing the risk for fraud for you and your favourite merchants.

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Whether you're on the move or on the sofa, Vyne makes paying, easy.

See how Vyne works. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

Checkout with Vyne. Select your bank.
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Log into your banking app.
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Confirm the payment. Done.
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