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TravelFX x Vyne Pay with bank case study

TravelFX is the utopia of travel, a place where travellers can buy, sell or transfer funds at the most competitive rates. 

1 year ago • 2 min read

As the fintech and FX industry evolves so does consumer behaviour, because of this TravelFX looked to expand the payment options available so that their customers could benefit from a friction-free, cardless transaction while TravelFX benefit from reduced costs and speedy settlement. 

Ease of integration was a priority

When evaluating Open Banking providers TravelFX needed a solution which was mature, robust and easy to integrate.  

“We needed an Open Banking solution which was established. The integration needed to be easy and the team supportive. Vyne gave us just that. We were guided through the process with dedicated Integrations, Support and Customer Success resource.” - Graham Tennant, Director at TravelFX

“It’s fundamental to our business that we’re able to resolve any payment queries in a timely manner. The support Vyne provides is great.”

55% of TravelFX customers choose to pay with Vyne Pay with bank

Not only was ease of integration key for TravelFX but the payment UX needed to be intuitive, easy and conversion boosting. 

“The Vyne Pay with bank user experience is clear and simple. Making the payment experience with TravelFX seamless.” 

“Our payment options are positioned with clarity and transparency. Because of this we see 55% of customers choosing to pay with Vyne Pay with bank. For high-value transactions, our customers see Vyne Pay with bank as the safest way to pay.”

Speed of settlement and reduced fees improves business operations

For TravelFX cash flow is crucial as they’re turning around payments within one day. 

“Fast settlement is a priority to us. With Vyne Pay with bank transactions settle within seconds, enabling us to maintain operational efficiency.” 

“The reduced transaction fees through Vyne are also a huge benefit for us. We’re able to absorb the cost so that we can continue to offer our customers the best and cheapest rates.”

TravelFX started using Vyne Pay with bank 10 months ago, initially for customers wanting to buy and sell currency. Following the success with travel money, they have since expanded to also offer Vyne Pay with bank as a payment option for International Transfers and have collaborated with Vyne to enhance their reconciliation API further strengthening their relationship.

TravelFX maintains a strong position as market leaders which will only expand as they continue to look at new technologies to create seamless experiences for FX customers. Learn more about TravelFX on their website.

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