Vyne's no-code payment links now available across Ireland

From Dublin to Galway, Limerick to Cork, Vyne’s no-code payment link solution is now available across Ireland.

8 months ago • 1 min read

What are no-code payment links? 

Launched in July 2023, Vyne’s Open Banking powered no-code payment links solution offers merchants a code-free way to start taking Open Banking payments. 

Merchants can send automated emails requesting consumer’s complete payments through payment links from an easy to use portal. Here’s how it works:

  • Enter the customer’s name and payment amount

  • Enter the customer’s email and add a personalised message

  • Send! The customer receives an email with a link to make the payment

Merchants can also create payment links to add to existing customer comms by entering the customer name and payment amount. 

How can I use no-code payment links?

No-code payment links can be used to replace unsecure over-the-phone payments or manual bank transfers. This offers industries such as automotive, retail, travel and builders merchants a more secure, cost-saving payment option that reduces fraud while improving consumer experiences.

Here’s how no-code payment links has been tailored to the Irish market

The email which is sent to consumers to request a payment has been updated to feature Irish banks. This improves trust, offers consumers instant recognition and increases conversion. 

Once consumers click a payment link they will be presented with a selection of Irish banks. They select their bank, login to their mobile banking app and confirm the payment. 

If you’re interested in adding Vyne’s no-code payment links to your business, book a demo by clicking the link below.

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