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The eWallet for instant, secure global payments

Luxon Pay x Vyne

2 years ago • 2 min read

Luxon Pay is using Open Banking account-to-account payments to change the iGaming landscape.

Born out of first-hand experience of moving money internationally to fund some of the world’s largest poker events, Luxon Pay is bridging the gap between global gaming events and seamless, secure payments.

Luxon Pay x Vyne

Luxon Pay

Tony Minnis, CEO at Luxon: “Card payments are expensive and problematic.”

In a world where consumers are expecting high-quality digital experiences, established payment methods are adding extra complexity.

Luxon Pay’s customers need instant, secure transfers, without delayed settlement.

“Our partnership with Vyne enables us to offer our customers instant, secure transfers across the UK and Europe. Our users need transfers to settle instantaneously, without delay. Vyne enables us to deliver this to users, so we can focus on giving the best customer experience."

With Open Banking powered account-to-account payments Luxon Pay offers customers an improved payment experience without impacting security.

" Vyne’s Open Banking payments give us peace of mind that the transactor is who they say they are. As they complete bank-level ID&V through fingerprint or face ID. It adds an extra layer of protection against fraud and provides a robust KYC check, meeting regulatory standards.”

“With Vyne’s account top-up feature, customers see their live bank balance. It provides them with a checkpoint, which we believe enhances the customer experience.”

"Our partnership with Vyne benefits both Luxon Pay, our partners and our customers through better experiences, reduced costs and instant international settlement."

“Integrating to Vyne was very straightforward. They’ve created a truly seamless onboarding process so that integration from testing through to live transacting only takes a few days.”

The results

As an early adopter of Open Banking powered account-to-account payments, Luxon Pay have seen a significant uptake of the payment method with 61.6% of UK deposits made with Vyne’s Pay with bank option.

Vyne's Chief Revenue Office, Luke Flomo, added: “We’re incredibly selective whom we work with in the iGaming sector. Luxon Pay have demonstrated that they’re highly professional with a world of experience and they are advocates for best-in-class KYC and customer experience. It’s been a pleasure working with the team, as with all our relationships we’re more than just a provider, we’re a partner supporting Luxon Pay’s business growth and goals.”

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