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Send flexible, fast, low-cost payment links with no integration needed.

10 months ago • 3 min read

In July, we introduced our new solution, no-code payment links, which not only benefits merchants but their customers too. Vyne’s no-code payment links provide all the benefits of Open Banking powered account-to-account payments such as fairer fees, instant settlement, fraud resilience and cardless payment experiences, without the hassle of an integration. Your business can start taking Open Banking powered payments within hours. 

Here’s how it works…

No-code payment links is an off-the-shelf solution. With admin, viewer and standard users, you can arm your team with the portal they need to manage and boost payment conversion, while reducing costs and offering customers a quicker, easier and more secure way to pay.  

From within the portal, users can automatically send payment request emails or create payment links to add into existing communications.

How to send personalised payment request emails

It’s easy to create and send payment links through personalised automated emails in just a few simple steps. 

  • Enter payment information (payment reference, customer name and payment amount)

  • Enter the customer's email address and add a personalised message for extra context

  • Click ‘Create link’ and an email will automatically send to the customer

The automated payment request emails have been designed to build trust and encourage payments. Every email includes: 

  • Your company name for instant recognition

  • Payment details, including payment reference and amount

  • An open text field to add contextual information to the payment request

How to create custom payment links to share in existing communications 

If your team has existing email templates for payment requests or if you’d like to add payment links to invoices, you can generate payment links through Vyne no-code payment links to add to your existing comms. Simply enter the payment information and click ‘Create payment link’. This link can then be copied and pasted into your existing emails or SMS.

Easy payment management and reconciliation 

You and your team can easily manage payments from within the no-code payment links portal. With partial or full refunds, real-time payment status’ and the ability to resend payment links to outstanding amounts with the click of a button. Users can also download reports for ease of reconciliation. 

Now you know about the portal, what about the customer payment journey? 

Making a payment with Vyne is quick, easy and cardless. The no-code payment link consumer journey includes the award-winning Vyne Pay with bank enhanced hosted checkout where customers can complete payments in as little as three taps through their own banking app. Here’s how it works: 

  • Customers click the link in the email or comms

  • They learn more about how to make a payment with our enhanced consumer checkout 

  • They select their bank and log into their banking app like normal 

  • They review and approve the payment. Done! 

The industry breakdown: How no-code payment links benefit your business…

Automotive - Remove the need for high-cost card payments by sending quick, easy payment links directly to customers' inboxes ideal for deposits and aftersales. Encourage payments ahead of time to boost efficiency in dealership.

Travel agents - Taking card payments over the phone opens your business and customers up to fraud. No-code payment links allow your travel agency to complete bookings with secure, cardless payments which settle instantly at a fraction of the cost of card payments. So you can be sure the person is who they say they are.

Builders merchants - Remove the need to ask for card details over the phone and combat chargebacks. Provide customers with an easy, secure payment link and make reconciliation a breeze while reducing transaction fees.

Hotels and accommodation - Offer customers a more secure way to book rooms and enable your reservations teams to offer instant refunds. Easily identify when to release rooms with bespoke booking references and reconciliation.

High-value retail such as white goods, furniture and electronics - Optimise your fulfilment cycle by converting more customers with seamless payment experiences while reducing costs and boosting cashflow with instant settlement.

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