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Introducing Enhanced Payouts for everyone and everything

Enhanced Payouts have arrived, removing the hassle of issuing funds to customers.

2 years ago • 1 min read

We understand it’s often a struggle for merchants to distribute funds fast whilst keeping costs low. We’ve made it our mission to make payouts fast, fair and seamless, and we’re pleased to be rolling this out to merchants and partners with a payout use case.

How do Enhanced Payouts work?

Merchants and partners will need to get in touch with our commercial team to understand if they meet the criteria for payouts. If approved, merchants and partners will be able to issue funds to customers instantly via API. To ensure the security of both merchants and their customers, a payment must first be made by the customer using Vyne to make them eligible to receive a payout. The payout is not limited by the amount paid in, once the customer’s identity has been confirmed.

End customers benefit from instant funds in their bank account, removing the slow processing speed as often is the case with traditional payment methods. As the funds are only sent to verified accounts, merchants can be confident that funds will safely arrive to the intended customer.

The portal can be used as a one-stop hub with:

  • Enhanced search, with advanced filtering

  • CSV report downloads emailed to merchants or partners for convenience

  • Fee breakdowns

Merchants are able to issue as much as they like to customers, as long as they have the funds available in their settlement account.

Who can use Payouts?

At the moment we are only supporting select Financial Services and iGaming merchants and partners with a specific use case for Enhanced Payouts.

If you have a question about Enhanced Payouts or want to see a demo of Vyne, please fill in the form and our team will be in touch 👉

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