Partner spotlight: DWS

At Vyne, we pride ourselves on the great partnerships we’ve built. In each edition of our Partner Spotlight series, we’ll showcase our partners, what they do and why they chose to partner with Vyne. Next up in the series… Developed With Style (DWS).

5 months ago • 3 min read

In August 2023, Vyne partnered with DWS, a leading B2B digital commerce agency. As an agency dedicated to offering tailored solutions that not only simplify but also amplify an online presence, Vyne Pay with bank is a perfect addition to their stack of solutions.

What is DWS all about?

We’re a group of people passionate about digital commerce with specialist skills in website programming, design, implementation and maintenance.

Not everyone has got months to get things moving, so we make sure we ramp to meet client’s timescales. 

We pride ourselves on offering a direct and no-nonsense approach with an emphasis on efficiency and time to market to achieve a seamless, efficient and innovative experience.  Our customers think of us as their go-to for everything from building sleek Adobe Commerce websites, to keeping them running smoothly. We're kind of obsessed with making things perfect and love to help businesses shine online. Our secret sauce? We blend our tech skills with your team, making sure we're not just another agency but a real extension of your crew. Plus, we've developed a new, next generation Product Information Management (PIM) – Total PIM – designed especially to give our clients a cost effective, modular solution that keeps things simple for their staff.

How are you helping businesses keep up with what shoppers want?

The shopping world is always spinning, and we help businesses stay ahead of the curve. Whether your customers are leisure or functional browsers, it’s all about giving shoppers a tailored, smooth experience on your site or on their phone. Really, it’s all geared towards making sure when someone's ready to buy, they find exactly what they're after and making the payment process as seamless as possible. We've got some nifty tricks up our sleeve, like tweaking recommendations based on what visitors have checked out before or what's flying off the shelves.

Got any tricks for nailing the whole omni-channel and personalised shopping experience?

Absolutely! Our Total PIM is the hero here — it's a powerhouse for managing all your product details in one spot, ensuring everything's spot-on across all your sales platforms. Plus, we're all about flexibility, letting you tweak product information to suit the vibe of each channel. And for that personal touch? We're leveraging AI to make sure your customers see the stuff they're most likely to love, from the moment they land on your page to the suggestions they get. It's like having a digital shopping buddy for every customer.

Why team up with an Open Banking partner?

We shook hands with Vyne because we're always on the lookout for the next big thing in e-commerce, and smooth, secure payments are a huge deal. Partnering with Vyne lets us offer a checkout experience that's not just fast, but also super secure.

It's a win-win: our clients get the edge with the latest payment tech, and their customers get the peace of mind they deserve. Plus, it's all about keeping things moving quickly and smoothly, whether it's making a payment or solving a challenge.

What made Vyne the one?

Choosing Vyne was a no-brainer for us. Their top-notch Open Banking tech, iron-clad security and seamless payment experiences were right in line with our mission to push the envelope in digital commerce. Vyne's all about making payments a breeze, which fits perfectly with our goal to boost our clients' efficiency and keep their customers happy. It felt like finding the missing piece of our puzzle.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of the Partner Spotlight series. In the meantime, learn more about DWS on their website.

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