The Future of Payments Report

Published in The Sunday Times

2 years ago • 1 min read

Are you prepared for the future of payments? From open banking to buy now pay later, compliance to cryptocurrency, get insight on how payment methods and consumer demands are evolving in this year's Future of Payments Report.

“PwC predicts that cashless transactions across the globe will reach 3,026 billion by 2030”

Insights, opinions, and lots of data. Here are just three of the topics discussed in the report...

Four ways to make ecommerce pay better

  • Etailers seeking a competitive edge in a crowded market would do well to question whether their payment systems are making the customer experience as smooth as it could be.

A new dawn for payments: Panel

  • As the payments landscape enters a period of significant change, five experts from across the payments ecosystem convene to discuss the key challenges facing merchants.

How payments are changing

  • The way we shop has transformed over the past year – and with it the way we pay for our purchases. Keeping on top of this changing market, while maintaining the confidence of retailers and consumers, is vital for the payments sector.

“Much of the success of technologies such as open banking hinges on the process of user authentication, which can affect the customer experience.”

“40% of small business owners state poor cash flow due to late payments has restricted business growth.”

“Six in 10 transactions in Europe will be cashless by 2030.”

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