ReportThe complete buyers guide to Open Banking

Seamless payments for Wix merchants

Save money, improve cash flow and increase conversion with every transaction.

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Reduce costs

Increase your bottom line with a single, simple transaction fee

  • Bypass costly card fees
  • Reduce third-party fees
  • Zero fees for the first 30 days
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Better manage cash flow

Funds settle in seconds, boosting your cash flow

  • Access funds immediately
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Real-time refunds and payouts
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Combat fraud

Built in authentication for a frictionless payment experience

  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Biometric scans for mobile transactions
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Fast and secure checkout

Three tap payment experience

Say hello to improved payment conversion for your customers. Pay with bank enables consumers to pay quickly and easily in as little as three taps.


Check out with Vyne.


Select your banking app.


Confirm payment. Done.

Vyne vs Card

Typical card processors

Vyne - Pay with bank

Price per transaction

1 - 3% per transaction

0.9% + 10p per transaction


1 - 3 days on average



Up to 15 days


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