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Marks Electrical x Vyne Pay with bank case study

For over 35 years, Marks Electrical have been selling the best appliances and televisions to over a million satisfied customers.

2 months ago • 3 min read

Marks Electrical pride themselves on providing high-quality products at competitive prices as an independent elite retailer. To maintain competitive prices and provide high-quality products, Marks Electrical is constantly exploring how to innovate to decrease costs for consumers while improving experiences.

In March 2023, Marks Electrical added Vyne Pay with bank to their checkout, giving consumers the ability to make Open Banking powered account-to-account cardless payments. When searching for an Open Banking payment partner, Marks Electrical were looking to solve three key issues; high transaction fees, slow payment experiences and the increasing number of chargebacks.

Marks Electrical save 80% on transaction fees with Vyne

For Marks Electrical, saving costs was one of the top priorities when integrating with Vyne, particularly as margins in the industry are tight. With card payments taking the highest share of wallet, they’re susceptible to high-cost card fees, manual data input and increased fraud and chargeback risk.

“With Vyne, we’re saving 80% on transaction fees compared with card payments. This allows us to continue investing into improving operations, customer experiences and marketing.” - Josh Egan, Chief Financial Officer at Marks Electrical.

Cardless payments improve customer experiences

One of the key driving forces behind Marks Electrical is to continue offering a market-leading service. Nationwide delivery across the whole of the UK, next day delivery across 90% of the UK, and next day installation across 70% of the UK is just a selection of what makes up their market-leading service. As a result, they’ve won numerous awards and have a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot.

When searching for an Open Banking partner, customer payment experience was top of mind for Marks Electrical. “We wanted a payment solution that goes hand-in-hand with our services like next day delivery and installation, making the customer journey as easy as possible. Vyne does just that.”

The checkout experience for purchasing appliances can be lengthy with customers needing to provide details for installation, delivery and integration options. This can feel like a much lengthier process for customers that have just had an appliance breakdown and they are trying to quickly replace their fridge, for example. “Vyne’s quick and easy checkout saves our customers from any extra manual data entry, whether that’s card details or setting up accounts, and improves the final stage of the checkout journey with us. This helps us to continue improving our customer sentiment and retention.”

Removing chargeback risk

With other payment methods such as cards, the chargeback risk is ever-increasing which not only eats into margins but requires resources to manage them. This is an increasing issue for Marks Electrical that they were looking to resolve through integrating with Vyne.

“We see chargeback and fraud risk present in almost every other payment method, except Vyne. As payments made through Vyne are verified with bank-level security, we see no chargebacks which is one of the main reasons we value payments made with Vyne.”

Vyne consumer awareness campaign increased Marks Electrical conversion by over 15%

With an aim to increase awareness and cart share for Pay with bank within the Marks Electrical customer base, we ran a joint consumer awareness campaign in March 2024. The campaign highlighted that the more consumer touch points and awareness of the payment method, the higher the conversion and cart share. The campaign spanned across a week and saw an increase in conversion of over 15%.

“Vyne sales are valuable to us at Marks Electrical, and we’re always happy when customers choose to checkout with Pay with bank; not only because of the cost-saving and removed risk of chargebacks, but the instant settlement and ease of reconciliation is a huge benefit.”

“We want to continue driving our relationship forward with Vyne as we can see the growth potential. It is definitely a part of our long-term journey of offering market-leading service, especially as customers start demanding cardless payment experiences.” 

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