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Faster. Simpler. Lower cost. Just three of the ways Vyne has payments perfected.

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eCommerce payments

Improve the checkout experience for customers with payments completed in as little as three clicks.

  • Instant settlement
  • Automated refunds
  • Seamless reconciliation

Perfect For: Retail, Travel, Hospitality, Accommodation

Icon white account topups

Account top-ups

Give your customers a quick, secure, easy way to top-up and withdraw from their account.

  • Pay-by-link
  • Instant settlement
  • Strong Customer Authentication

Perfect For: Cryptocurrency, Remittance, eWallets, eGaming

Icon white recurring payments

Recurring payments

Streamline the way your customers make recurring payments with funds that arrive instantly on a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual or annual basis.

  • Pay-by-link
  • Seamless reconciliation

Perfect For: Subscriptions, SaaS, Digital Media, Accommodation

Icon white retail

POS Retail

Using a QR code, customers can pay instantly in person or offline. No need for plastic or pin codes.

  • Point of Sale device
  • Unattended terminal
  • In-app ordering

Perfect For: Retail, Hospitality, Accommodation

Icon white invoicing

Invoicing and billing

Streamline your business's payments with quick, simple billing.

  • Embedded link in SMS, Email or Chat
  • App-based request for payment
  • Static and dynamic QR codes

Perfect For: B2B, SMEs, Enterprises

Grow your business. Increase conversion, reduce cost, simplify payments.

  • Checkout

    A seamless, secure checkout journey that enables customers to pay through their bank account in as little as three clicks.

    • From eCommerce to physical retail
    • Hosted page or direct integration
    • Installed via app or QR code
  • Pay-by-link

    Engage your customers at the right time through the right channels with payment links and QR codes.

    • Send payment links by email, SMS or in-app
    • Offline purchase
    • Failed payment reprocessing
  • Refunds

    Improve customer sentiment with instant, easy refunds.

    • Initiate individual or bulk refunds
    • Easy reconciliation and real-time notifications
  • Payout

    Don't wait days for scheduled payouts. Pay your partners, customers or suppliers instantly.

    • Support your marketplace model
    • Seamlessly integrate into your current operations
    • Easy reconciliation and real-time notifications

Reach more customers  with seamless UX

With Vyne’s payment experience there’s no need to enter card details or search for security pins. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

  • One: Checkout with Vyne
  • Two: Choose your bank and log in to banking app
  • Three: Authorise the payment. Done.

Integration: Hosted by Vyne or integrated directly in your checkout.

Reach more customers

Better manage cash flow  with instant settlement.

There’s no need to wait days or even weeks for funds to settle. With Vyne funds settle instantly so that you always have an accurate, real-time grip on cash flow.

  • Optional settlement accounts
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Instant record in portal for reconciliation
Better manage cash flow

Combat fraud  with Strong Customer Authentication

By using on-device authentication and the banks' own security management, the risk of fraud is dramatically reduced without negatively impacting UX.

  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Biometric scans for mobile transactions
Combat fraud

Increase your bottom line  with a single, simple transaction fee

Accepting cards can be costly. Reclaim margin with a single, simple cost per transaction.

  • Bypass card acquirers and middlemen
  • Reduce third-party fees
Increase bottom line

Keep operations running  with a quick, developer-friendly integration

Get up and running with Vyne in as little as a couple of days.

  • Simple development
  • Hosted page
  • Direct API
  • Native SDKs

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Keep operations running

Michael Trueman - Co-Founder @ Commute

“Vyne is super versatile for implementation, we were able to deploy across iOS and Android simultaneously and were supported through the process by Vyne’s team at the drop of a hat.”

David Wilkes - Chief Products Officer @ Kinetic

“We are always looking for ways to simplify how students make payments for their term-time accommodation, and Vyne provides just that.”

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