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Vyne Spotlight: Chief Revenue Officer

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Jun 17, 2022 · 7 minutes

We pride ourselves on our company culture and expertise. Our team is made up of various nationalities, backgrounds, skillsets and everyone plays a crucial role in our success. We're not into bragging, but everyone at Vyne is pretty awesome.

Meet Vyne’s Chief Revenue Officer, Luke Flomo. His LinkedIn reads like a who's who in the payments world and he's our revenue and client powerhouse. He is fiercely committed to helping people become the best version of themselves, creating a lasting impact in payments and putting 100% into everything he does. He balances the world of commercial sales and revenue with deep human insight so gracefully, that it stops you in your tracks. We can also vouch that his superpower is 100% true!

Why Vyne?

With Vyne, it was more a case of ‘why not?’. I wanted to work for an organisation that was making a bigger impact and helped consumers and merchants alike. I always recognised that there was a problem with traditional payments such as cards and manual bank transfers. I also saw first-hand that some disruptors in the market were not helping customers enough with regard to financial stability. I had to ask myself if I was truly helping people or actually creating more problems for them in the long run.

Everybody needs to pay for something. It touches everyone, whether you’re buying a pack of Haribo at the shop down the road, booking a holiday or paying for a subscription on a streaming platform. It’s fantastic to have the ability to enable a frictionless way to pay that also creates the ability to reduce fraud and improve security through great tech advancements.

There aren’t many industries that can grow and evolve at this pace in the way that payments have. This ties into the ‘why’, and it’s to give back to the end user, whether merchant or consumer, and help drive innovation and evolution in payments.

Being in payments is super exciting, and Open Banking has really come to fruition. It has enabled TPPs such as Vyne to gain access to the banking infrastructure and build great products on the back of it that drive value to the market. It is also great to work for an agile fintech company, where we have the ability to grow the business from the bottom up. More importantly, it is great to work for a company like Vyne that has a fantastic team who envision a better future for all.

Favourite three things about Vyne?

Hmm, good question. Firstly, there is a wonderful and very collaborative culture in the organisation; we are all in it together, and we succeed and fail as a team. Secondly, the agile nature of Vyne means we can get things done quickly and move fast; this makes all the difference for our merchants and partners when fulfilling their needs and requirements.

Finally, we have no big egos; it is not political at Vyne and we have fun doing what we do, which is super important. Yes, we challenge each other and push boundaries, but everyone is humble and respectful…it is how business should be done!

What’s a typical day like as a Chief Revenue Officer

I'm probably not your typical CRO. I love to get stuck in and roll my sleeves up and support on the ground, as well as to do the higher level strategy.

I love the fact that in my role I get to work closely and collaborate with various internal departments on strategy, the short-term tactics we can deploy, as well as looking at metrics we’re trying to target and deliver against.

My focus is on driving customer, merchant, and partner acquisition in order to create distribution and enablement and optimise our existing relationships. I work closely with our key merchants and partners on improving the product and user journey on top of the data and insights we can share with them.

I’m always driven to become even better at what I do and achieve greater results and outcomes.

What else drives you?

I was brought up by my mum. We didn't really have much, so a key motivator for me is my family. I have a wife and three sons, and want to give them opportunities I didn’t have.

I would admit that I do love making people happy too. I want people to feel good about themselves and grow and develop. I do also love hugs, especially from my boys. I like them to know they are loved and always have my support. It makes me feel very lucky and privileged to have them.

In terms of the work environment, I think empathy and patience are important characteristics we need at work. We are all human beings…just people trying to succeed in life. (let’s all be like Luke!)

Are these aspects that an ideal leader should embody?

Yes, definitely. When we think about what a really good leader should embody, they have to be someone who really understands their people, how they operate, and really nurtures and coaches them.

People need different things, and it’s important to be able to identify what their drivers are and what motivates them. I think leaders sometimes lose sight of this; I sometimes lose sight of this myself and it is important to constantly remind myself why I do what I do and how I can make a positive impact.

All the good organisations I've worked for have created cultures where people feel like they can be open and be themselves, where everyone is willing to get their hands dirty in order to get things done, where success is celebrated, and failures are accepted as learning and development opportunities.

As Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and I truly believe that to be true.

Any advice to those who want to get into fintech?

I believe you can do anything in life. If you’re working in a different industry and want to get into fintech, you can empower yourself just by putting yourself out there. If there are skills and competencies that you feel you are lacking, in this day and age there are so many ways to develop and remove the barriers to your success. You just need to believe in yourself. That’s what I tell my kids every day!

Anyone that’s been successful in their career, sports or any other aspects of their life has had to work hard and make compromises. You make a decision that that's what you want to achieve, you commit and make it happen. This is my formula: create a plan, understand what you need to do to achieve it and like Nike says, just do it! You just need to be hungry and have the motivation.

Favourite place to go on holiday?

Caribbean – I love the people and the happy-go-lucky vibe. Vitamin D helps too ☀️.

What's your superpower?

I have been told that I have an infectious laugh that has the power to spread joy and happiness and can often diffuse awkward situations, although I think some people just think I am loud.

What are people often surprised to know about you?

I own over 70 pairs of Nike Air Jordans, and one pair in particular I hardly wear because there are only 300 of them in existence.

I also own about 1,500 vinyl records – and love different genres of music, anything from Aretha Franklin, Rudimental, The Beatles to Ed Solo and Deekline’s Jungle Cakes remixes. I love music and dancing and losing myself, it helps me to de-stress and unwind.

(Nas’ Illmatic album came up three times during our chat, so shoutout to the Queensbridge native for giving us the greatest debut album in hip hop)

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Finally, your top 5 songs or albums?

This is a tough one and almost impossible, but I will give you some of my favs today, these may change tomorrow 😂.

  • Nas - Illmatic

  • Protoje – Ancient Future

  • Green Day – Dookie

  • Bob Marley – Legend

  • The Roots – Things Fall Apart

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