The Rise of Refunds

From outfits that don’t fit, to serial returners, refunds are rising and consumers are demanding more from the retailers they love. Current refund processes are slow, time consuming and leave valuable customers feeling frustrated. For retailers, processing card or manual bank transfer refunds is a costly and long process.

William Hand and Thomas Thirkettle, Vyne's Senior Product Managers explore in this webinar how merchants can increase customer sentiment, while reducing transactional and operational costs.

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How can merchants adapt to the quickly changing demands of the modern consumer?

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Meet the panel

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Tom is a Senior Product Manager working at Vyne. Since joining Vyne, Tom has touched all areas of the product from partner integrations to the hosted checkout that consumers interact with. Tom's expertise has led to Vyne delivering features such as the instant refunds product, which allows consumers' refunds to land back in their bank account instantly.

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Will is a Senior Product Manager at Vyne. Will has been working to showcase the power of Open Banking since joining in January 2021. Today, Will looks after our merchant experience across payments and identity products, using instant settlement and seamless UX to deliver the best possible refund journey for both merchants and consumers.

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