Payments perfected for Remittance and FX

The fastest, fairest way to move money

Say goodbye to high-cost middlemen, clunky payment experiences, and chargebacks.

Say hello to instant settlement, streamlined cash flow and savings

Rem FX pillar 1 processing fees

Ever-increasing, high card processing costs are lowering your margins. Remove the high-cost middlemen and save money on every transaction with a single, simple, transparent cost.

Rem FX pillar 2 funds

Manual bank transfers are timely, slow and riddled with data entry errors plus, the money can take days to settle. Give your customers a quick, seamless payment experience that settles instantly with Vyne.

Rem FX pillar 3 cash flow

With real-time notifications on funds received, Remittance and FX companies can better manage cash flow ensuring they always have an accurate view of incoming and outgoings.

A user experience as easy as one, two, three...

Select bank.
Log into banking app.
Phone two website
Authorise the payment. Done.
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Distributed in The Sunday Times
The Future of Payments Report

The payments industry has undergone rapid innovation as spending has shifted online. This has facilitated new systems with customer convenience at their heart but also led to a rise in fraud and scams that the industry is trying to address.

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