Product update

The all new merchant portal

We’re making changes to our merchant portal to make it easier for you to manage payments and find what matters most to you.

9 months ago • 2 min read

Using direct feedback along with trialling different prototype versions, we’ve been working behind the scenes to make the portal as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

Today we are delighted to launch these changes.

What’s new?

Say hello to a better view 👋

We’ve tidied up the first view you see when logging into the portal. Until today, most recent payments were sorted into cards. This provided a detailed view of payments, but wasn’t as practical as it could be when trying to get a summary view.

This view has been replaced with a more user-friendly table allowing for easy viewing of the information that matters most to you, with up to 50 payments per page.

The table has more information allowing you to see what you need to see at a glance. We’ve introduced colour coded statuses to easily distinguish between payments.

Search is improved 👀

A new search function at the top of the payment view has been introduced to simplify finding what you need. It’s smarter too. You can now search by new fields such as:

  • Customer reference

  • Merchant reference

  • Payment amounts

  • Payment ID

Filters are more powerful 🗂

We’ve launched a new filter allowing you to sort by destination account. Existing filters have also been improved making it possible to now filter by:

  • Status

  • Date

  • Destination account

A new convenient drawer has been created keeping filters hidden when not needed, keeping the payment overview simpler.

You can now also export payments based on filters.

Reporting has been overhauled 📊

Reporting is now easier and faster. We’ve removed the previous reports page and made reporting directly accessible from the payments overview page. You are now able to export data in CSV format, and these exports can include data that has been filtered or accessed via the search function.

All reporting is now automatically emailed to you with a 7-day link for convenience.

All this, plus…

There are a few smaller changes that we’ve also made to make the portal easier to navigate. These changes include:

  • In the dropdown admin menu, we will be renaming the ‘Account’ area to ‘Users’ and the ‘Profile’ area to ‘Account’

  • We’ll be moving the Settlement Accounts page from the sidebar to the ‘Account’ area with a fresh new design.

When are these changes rolled out?

These changes are starting to be rolled out today, and they will be available to all existing merchants and partners over the next few weeks. All new merchants and partners will go live with these changes from today.